Settle the Stars: The Science of Space Exploration

Exploring and terraforming Mars will be the greatest scientific and engineering challenge in the history of our species. From landfall and building the first cities to manipulating an entire planetary environment, this podcast will dive into the science of space exploration, settlement and terraforming!

Join Alexander Winn, creator of TerraGenesis and founder of Edgeworks Entertainment, as he walks you through the real science behind his hit indie terraforming game, TerraGenesis, and how those same concepts will work in real life.


March 4th, 2020

This episode deals with the third major terraforming metric: oxygen and atmospheric composition. Learn about the history of oxygen on Earth, its uses and effects on the body, how it is produced by plants and algae using photosynthesis, and ultimately its role in the terraforming of planets and moons by future settlers.


March 11th, 2020

This episode deals with the fourth and final core terraforming metric: water. From its origins on Earth to its function in the body, from salt content and pH to the origin of the word itself, we'll go deep into this most precious and unique of substances, and possibly the single most important factor in the terraforming of Mars.

Bonus Episode: Shifting Trajectory

March 18th, 2020

Alexander brings a quick announcement about the podcast and some changes he'll be making in the future.

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