Settle the Stars: The Science of Space Exploration

Exploring and terraforming Mars will be the greatest scientific and engineering challenge in the history of our species. From landfall and building the first cities to manipulating an entire planetary environment, this podcast will dive into the science of space exploration, settlement and terraforming!

Join Alexander Winn, creator of TerraGenesis and founder of Edgeworks Entertainment, as he walks you through the real science behind his hit indie terraforming game, TerraGenesis, and how those same concepts will work in real life.

Exoplanets - A Whole New World

September 10th, 2021

In the last few decades, we have learned that most of these stars are hosts to their own systems of planets, just as the Sun is to our Solar System.  We call these worlds exoplanets, or extrasolar planets. Alexander Winn takes us incredible distances to learn about them. 

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